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Since 2022

Bickerstaff Bees is a family-run business located in Mound MN. We currently care for about forty hives, and prioritize keeping healthy bees with sustainable and organic methods. Our bees make distinctive, local honey from basswood trees, clover, buckthorn, jewelweed, and other Minnesota wildflowers as the season permits. We also raise Carniolan queen bees for sale, and provide beekeeper training and hive rentals.

Liam first began keeping bees in southern Georgia at the age of twelve. When he moved north and started school at St. Mary's University in Winona, MN, he brought three of his hives with him on a trailer. He quickly had to learn the challenges of keeping bees in a new climate. After graduating he began working for a commercial apiary, operating out of Minnesota and Texas. Now with fifteen years of beekeeping experience, he and his wife Bailey (locally sourced in Delano, MN) along with their kids enjoy providing nearby farmers markets with truly local products from the hive and doing their best to encourage and support other local beekeepers.

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