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Bickerstaff Bees

Bee Nucs June 2024

Bee Nucs June 2024

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Our June nucs are ready to grow! Each one includes

  • four frames of drawn comb with honey, pollen, and capped brood ready to hatch,
  • a gentle Carniolan queen raised this spring, already accepted by the bees and observed to be laying a good pattern in the frames,
  • one frame feeder,
  • lots of bees.

Nucs grow much more rapidly than package bees, and with less risk of failure. Upon pickup they are ready to expand into your equipment. Available on or after June 15th, 2024. Pickup location is in Mound, MN. Please note this is a pickup item only, we cannot ship nucs.

For questions regarding our nucs please reach out to

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